Boostpenis is a program that aims to revolutionize the world of exercise programs for longitudinal penis growth. Our program perfectly combines the most advanced and effective natural exercise routines available. The program contains over 30 videos and will show you how to exercise and strengthen your penis in a 100% natural and safe way. Users will obtain increases of several centimetres in length and thickness without the need for surgery or expensive and unproductive treatments.

Boostpenis consists of a series of exercises that have been developed to achieve excellent and permanent results in a few weeks, requiring only a few dedicated minutes a day.

Following our exercise program for a few weeks will improve all the characteristics of your penis, resulting in a permanent increase in length and thickness, intensity and duration of erections and greater control over ejaculation and blood circulation.

Each exercise is accompanied by a video and an explanation that will facilitate successful realization.

These exercises are based on research and studies realized by Dr. Brian Richards in 1970 in the United Kingdom and published in the official British Journal of Sexual Medicine. With the addition of Jelq exercises this program offers the most comprehensive and effective exercise regime available.

The effectiveness of Boostpenis is due to a combination of traditional techniques with other innovative techniques. Some of these methods of penis extenders are specially developed to increase thickness, and others promote elongation ( jelquing).

The Bootspenis program is based on different types of exercises which are divided into four different levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced and ADVANCED EXTRA. All the exercises are defined by time and intensity and sub-divided into different sections (heating, length, thickness, etc.) enabling the user to quickly identify the relevant exercises and optimise results in the shortest possible time. Our techniques are individually designed and created and ensure quick and satisfactory results.


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Extra